A short clip from the ECCV 40th Anniversary documentary. A celebration of the work the ECCV and its members have put into the Victorian community regarding multiculturalism in our society.


Music by: Jenny Biddle
Canon 7d | Adobe Premiere

Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria (ECCV)

A summer inspiration

Summer holidays at Wilsons Promontory in Victoria, Australia. Armed with an iPhone, a Macbook Pro and creativity inspired by the landscape, my lovely wife and the song 'The Cove' by Jack Johsnon


Music by: Jack Johnson
iPhone 4S | FCP

Busy Kingdom - Behind the scenes EP recording

A look at the boys from Busy Kingdom (Brendan, Mick and Curtis) recording various parts of their latest EP.


Music by: Brendan & Mick Etherington

Canon 5d MKIII | FCP

My dog Vinnie

An afternoon free in the backyard with my best bud Vinnie.




Music by: Ben's Sound

Canon 7D Mk II | Premiere